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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there really any tangible benefits to diversity and inclusion? Isn't this just corporate jargon?

Diversity and inclusion provides organizations with at least 3 tangible benefits:

1. Serving our communities and being socially responsible. The communities we serve are diverse.

2. Increasing innovation. Increased creativity is another byproduct of capitalizing on differences

3. Getting a return on investment. Diversity and inclusion initiatives improve the quality of an agency's workforce and are the catalyst for a better return on investment in human capital. 

What is Diversity?

Diversity in its most simple form can be defined as "all the similarities and differences amongst people." In other words, it is a combination of all the characteristics that make us individuals such as age, ancestry, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, status as a veteran and so on. A culture of diversity embodies understanding ourselves and each other, moving beyond tolerance to acceptance and wholly embracing the richness of each individual. The power of diversity is unleashed when we respect and value differences.

I often see the word "inclusion" with the word diversity. What is inclusion?

Inclusion is a state of being valued, respected and supported. It is about focusing on the essential needs of every individual and ensuring suitable settings are in place for each person to achieve their full potential. Inclusion should be reflected in an organization's culture, practices and relationships that are in place to support a diverse workforce

Why should I be concerned with diversity?

Because you are diverse! If we work with people from different backgrounds, experiences and working styles, we learn and acquire an alternative outlook that may aid us in making a well-rounded decision in our own lives. Diversity in society enables learning with people from a variety of experiences that encourages collaboration and fosters innovation, which benefits all.